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Planning Ahead…OR NOT!

I’ve never been much of a planner. I’ve always been the type of person to do everything on a whim. My boyfriend is the complete opposite and insists that I try to be a planner. But I don’t wanna! I like to live by the seat of my pants, whilst that gives him all kinds of anxiety. Lately, he’s been living life on the wild side with me, so I figured I’d give this “planning thing” a spin. It’s only fair….

My first step for trying to be a “planner” was to actually GET a planner. Thanks to my lovely grandmother, she purchased a planner for me from Staples . It’s HUMUNGOUS! (see featured image). I don’t understand why people carry these things around when you can put everything on your calendar in your phone. I mean, I get it; electronic devices aren’t 100% reliable- you could lose info or your phone could die. But it’s sooooooo much more convenient! Anyway, I digress; back to this planner. It’s really laid out and has cute little sections where you can write in birthdays and goals you have for yourself. That’s cute. But I think my favorite thing about having a planner is being able to write and doodle in it in all different color inks and with stickers and whatnot. Other than that, it doesn’t help me much. If I forget to look at the planner, what good is it really?

The only thing that has saved this planner from being thrown in a dresser drawer somewhere is the fact that I’ve been using it to write my appointments for work. Other than that, this thing would have collected dust a long time ago. I get it…it’s supposed to help a person be more organized. But it’s just not for me.

Sure, I may forget when a bill is due, or what fitness class I’m supposed to take on what day, but that’s kind of how I like to live my life. For me, everyday should be a surprise! Super organized people, like my mother and my boyfriend, will never understand that concept, nor will they want to live that way! But that’s why they have me around; to keep their lives as interesting as possible. So, while I’m not the “plan ahead” type of gal, I won’t knock those who are. But someone please answer me this: why, God, must these planners be the size of a Five Star Binder?



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