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Prayer & Fasting!

21 Days….will I make it?!

My church will be praying and fasting together for 21 Days, from January 8th to the 28th. We can choose to give up whatever we want for the next 21 Days. Figuring out what I wanted to fast from was a hard decision to make.

Originally, I was going to fast from food, not eating from sun up to sun down. But, I figured I’d choose something that really consumes my day and would take serious self-control and willpower. So, I decided to give up social media. The purpose of this post is to let my readers know that I will be away from my blog and YouTube channel during this time. This will allow me to grow a closer relationship with God and really delve into my spiritual relationships.

There are so many great things that are to come in the next year, even the next few months, and I want God to know that I am willing to sacrifice, like he did for me, to really focus on what’s important. So, while I will still be writing and making videos to post, I won’t be sharing them until the fast is over. When I get the urge to get on social media, I’ll use that time to pray and meditate.

As of tonight, I will be logging out of all social media accounts and focusing on me, and my relationship with God. With that being said, I’ll see you all on the other side!

Here’s to a long, but much needed break. I know I can do this!



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