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Restaurant Review: Faustos! 

Oh. My. God!! I am such a sucker for Mexican food! I never knew what GOOD, authentic Mexican food tasted like until I moved to the West Coast. I’ve been hooked ever since. For whatever reason, Mexican cuisine is seasoned better. The juices from a carne asada taco…mmm! mmm! mmm! It’s something from the Gods! Anywho, enough of my drooling.

Sometimes it’s really hard to find an authentic Mexican restaurant. It’s very hit or miss. When I first moved to Nevada, I’d hear a lot of people talk about this place called Faustos. Apparently, their food was amazing and I NEEDED to try it. I’m not really great at taking direction from others, so of course I didn’t immediately listen to the advice I had been given to try their food. Months have since gone by and I JUST tried it for the first time. And by default, might I add. One of my employees went over to the restaurant to order tacos for taco Tuesday (obviously, right?!). He asked if I wanted a chicken taco…who am I to pass on food?! When he brought that taco back, I could smell the goodness. When I tasted the taco, I wanted to die! I couldn’t believe how delicious this taco was. I was so impressed, I went later that night for more!

I had never been before and didn’t know what to expect. The restaurant is a little hole in the wall. It’s not very appealing to the eye, but we all know the spots that don’t look like much have the BEST food in the area. Looks are very deceiving. I got there and decided I didn’t want another taco, so I looked at the menu to see what else they had. A picture of a grilled chicken burrito caught my eye. If the chicken on the burrito tasted anything like the taco I had earlier, I was sold. I placed my order and drank my tea as I patiently awaited for it to be done-the wait time was minimal. Once it was done, I couldn’t wait to dive in! Let me just tell you…I’m not even fully sure what all was in the burrito, but the chicken and the sauce they added to the chicken was bangin’! It was enough to make me wanna smack my momma! And if she were around at the time, I probably would have….love you ma! I’ve GOT to try other dishes from there.

If you’re ever in the Henderson area and want to get some amazing Mexican food, stop by Faustos. You won’t regret it! Tell ’em Tiffany sent you…



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