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Restaurant Review: Sake 2 Me!

I didn’t become a fan of sushi until I moved to California. I knew what it was, but never had a desire to try it. I hadn’t even eaten Edamame until I switched coasts. Now, I can’t get enough! Especially the garlic Edamame. When I moved here and began making friends, they insisted that I go on sushi dates with them. Since then, I have had some of my best dinner dates in a sushi restaurant! But none like Sake 2 Me.

I don’t know why it’s taken so long for me to write a review on this place because I have now been a handful of times. Some friends SWORE by Sake 2 Me and now I can say that I see what all the fuss was about! Sake 2 Me is located in the heart of Simi Valley, California. It’s a small little restaurant, but the staff is always so warm and inviting and the service is always quick and swift. They are very attentive and patient. The locals mostly go for the “All you can Eat Sushi”. All you can eat! For $24 you can have 3 rounds of all the sushi you want. I’ve never gotten the all you can eat deal, because I don’t think I would eat my money’s worth, but I can see how it would be a great deal. Especially when you are already paying $7 or $8 per roll anyway.

My favorite roll is one that’s not traditional sushi. It’s the Americanized version of sushi, but it is delicious! It’s a regular California Roll (crabmeat, cucumber and avocado) but it’s tempura style with spicy mayo, Japanese mayo and eel sauce, so it’s called the Golden California Roll. YUMMMMM! It is probably the most amazing thing I have ever tasted! I often dream about the Golden California Roll.  I drool over it!

I also like the Udon. It’s like a cabbage soup with thick noodles. A friend had to talk me into trying it and after going back and forth (because my palette is very particular) I decided to jump in. And that too was amazing! So, if you’re ever in the Simi Valley area, you really need to check this place out. To the locals of Simi Valley, this gem is no secret and it’s definitely a town fave!

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