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Runaway Groom…..

I always have the craziest dreams, and last night was no exception.

The guy I wrote about in a post a week or so ago, the dream had a lot to do with him. I had a dream we were getting married! This is supposed to be a happy occasion. Of course, it started off that way, but it didn’t end that way.

The dream started with him looking very dapper in his tux, and I was heavenly in my white gown, hair  pulled back under my veil and my signature red lips. Him and I were sitting down talking. We were smiling and laughing, appearing to be very happy.

But in the next moment, something told me to scan the room for his ex-girlfriend. I was excited when I didn’t see her. A sigh of relief crossed my face. I felt like I dodged a bullet. But the question was, why did the feeling to look for her even cross my mind? I think I felt that there was unfinished business between them. I didn’t want anything to alter MY day. This was the day I had been dreaming of, the day every little girl fantasizes about.

Although I didn’t see his ex when I scanned the room, as I was in the back of the church preparing to walk down the aisle to my “man”, a friend of mine showed me a video of my soon-to-be husband and his ex sitting on his lap. And not in a friendly way. I was sad, I was hurt and I was heartbroken. But I didn’t know if that was an old video, so I decided to still make that trip down the aisle.

But when the church doors opened and I started to make my way to where I thought my groom would be, he was nowhere to be found. My groom had in fact runaway with his ex. This is a pain no one ever wants to feel. So with that said, THANK GOD it was just a dream! I pray this is not a foreshadow of what’s to come. It felt so real that I was almost angry when I woke up! And immediately pissed at my presumptuous groom. I’m glad that I am now awake!

Dreams for me are usually a dress rehearsal before the actual event, so that I know how to react, feel, and deal with different situations when they finally do arise. This dress rehearsal was a fail….lets try again.



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