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This is exactly why Saved By The Bell was one of my FAVORITE SHOWS growing up. The cast was beautiful and the show is timeless. I cannot believe that after 20 years, Jessie Spano and A.C. Slater STILL look the exact same way they did when they were dating at Bayside High!


When I came across this picture, I couldn’t believe how fabulous Elizabeth Berkley-Loren and Mario Lopez looked. They have to give us their secret to the fountain of youth! Seeing them together again instantly took me back to the days of the crew hanging out in the halls of that infamous High School. So many episodes are still freshly embedded in my brain. The episode of Lisa crashing her moms car while her mom was out of town on business and then getting the boys to fix it! Priceless! The episode where Lisa and Zack start dating,that was one of my favorite. It was a long time coming! They were the originals along with Screech when the show was called Good Morning Miss Bliss. The later episodes when the chronicles of Zack and Kelly’s relationship finally come to an end, that was such a tearjerker! There were so many good episodes, I could go on and on. When I found out the entire series was on DVD, I pleaded and begged for someone to purchase it for me. I was elated when my mother finally gave in. Here I am, almost 30-years old and still having tantrums to my mother for things I must have NOW! Once I received that package in the mail, I was glued to the TV for days on end. I didn’t want to stop watching. Luckily, I have a job and a child, I had to take a break at some point. My obsession for this show is so bad, when I moved to California, I was determined to look for the places I’d seen on the show, not realizing that they were fictional. The adult in me knew that, but my inner child wanted to believe otherwise. I don’t think there is one character on the show that I didn’t like. And to be honest all of the cast, most of whom are in their 40’s now, still look amazing. This show must have been cursed with good genes! One could only wish for some type of reunion. I would gladly head the petition. But until then, I guess I can live with watching reruns….

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