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Southwest? NO THANKS!


Now that I have adjusted comfortably here in Phoenix, I can talk about the hell of a flight I endured to get here. This was my first, and most likely last time I fly with Southwest!! First, I don’t like how a seat is not assigned to you. I hate that the seats are pretty much first-come, first-served. Especially when I can’t control the check-in.

Let me back up so I can explain….

I didn’t purchase the tickets, my bosses did. I’m in Arizona for a work related conference. Being that my boss purchased the flight, I had no information on the flight until day of. Since we didn’t check-in for the flight prior day, we were last to board. Now, if you have ever flown Southwest, you’d know that if you are last to board, all the middle seats (the seats NO ONE WANTS) are the only ones left. By the time I got on the plane, there were very few middle seats left. So, the seat that was available was between 2 very large men! I had no room to move or do anything! I couldn’t sit all the way back, because their arms took up all the space. I went to lean forward and lay my head on the seat in front of me, that asshole decides to move his seat back. I was literally squished! When I tell you I couldn’t move AT ALL, I couldn’t move. Luckily for me, the trip from Southern Cali to Phoenix is only about an hour long, so I didn’t suffer too bad. But for my seat mates to not scoot over an inch so I could have a little bit of wiggle room was an insult. I’ve never been so uncomfortable on a flight. I took one picture to show my discomfort. But because I couldn’t really move any parts of my body, the picture does my struggle no justice.

I will never ride Southwest again! I need to know my seat details beforehand so that I am able to prepare myself.

Such a big uugggghh! Boy did I hate life today 😞

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