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Starbucks or BUST!

What is it about Starbucks that makes it taste like heaven in a cup?

A blast in a glass?

Crack in a mug?

I’ve never really been a big coffee drinker, but these days it seems like I need it to get through my day. It could all be mental, but most days it seems to give me the extra boost I need. Almost like Popeye after he eats his can of spinach; a few sips and I’m going, non-stop. I know that’s the point because it’s caffeine and caffeine is supposed to make you wired. But I swear this stuff gets me like the energizer bunny! Need me to do something and get it done quickly? A White Chocolate Mocha does the trick every time! That’s usually my go-to drink when I know I’ve had a long night and the work day I’m about to embark on will be even longer. However, when I feel like being cute and I’m just out for a day with the girls, I usually grab an upside-down Iced Caramel Macchiato. That’s usually the drink of choice when the weather is pretty warm and I need a refreshing chiller, and not when the weather is as cold as it’s been lately (btw, what’s up with that Cali?) Then, when I want a treat, something to satisfy my sweet tooth, I go for a Vanilla Bean with caramel and whipped cream–YUM! But no matter what drink you get, they are all so tasty!

I’ve gotten better about frequenting Starbucks and I don’t go as often as I used to. Mainly because I have been cheating on Starbucks and heading over to Coffee Bean. No shade to Starbucks, but some of Coffee Bean’s drinks are a bit tastier. I’d never seen a Coffee Bean back East, so all I knew was Starbucks. But when I moved to Cali and discovered the Coffee Bean in the same shopping center as my job, I figured I’d give their drinks a try. And HOT DAMN! That would be a whole other post…..their drinks are to DIE FOR as well. But I won’t overshadow Starbucks’ moment right now by talking about Coffee Bean in a post that’s supposed to be all about Starbucks 🙂 Anywho, as I was saying… trips haven’t been as frequent. I used to be a basic bitch and go all the time. Having a Starbucks cup in your hand as you go to a meeting or to get your nails done was like a staple (such a girl thing)…a must have if you will. It was, and probably still is, the cool thing to do. The best part was waiting to see…maybe even praying and hoping they spelled your name right on your cup! Although, how can you spell “Tiffany” wrong? Well, you’d be surprised-LOL. I was even such a Starbucks nerd as to have the app/card on my phone so I could rack up my stars and level my way up from bronze to silver to gold, or whatever their tiers are. All because I had to keep up with all the other basic bitches and look cool with all of my accumulated stars. It really began to be too much. There was so much pressure to keep up! So I stopped. Apparently now, their rewards levels are a bit different. You can also place an order on your app for pick-up and I think I heard recently that you can have Starbucks delivered?! Please tell me that is not true! It’s become an epidemic! Which makes me further think there is crack in their drinks. I don’t know how else to describe the phenomenon and addiction except to assume we are all drinking liquid crack. But I’m not knocking any basic bitch out there who is at Starbucks every morning, because I was once there with you. It just amazes me how quickly this brand has skyrocketed over coffee. Coffee has been around since the beginning of time (not quite). But wow, if I had known back in the day that different variations of coffee would be all the rage, I would have invented the phenomenon myself……one could only dream. The Founder of Starbucks is out there somewhere sitting on a goldmine…..or better yet, a yacht in the middle of the ocean, off some tropical island, not drinking Starbucks and laughing at all of us basic bitches, who are single-handedly keeping their brand alive, while they count their millions. THE LIFE!

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