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Step into My Boudoir!

Happy Monday! It’s time for another YouTube video! And this time I’m talking all things social media and giving special bedroom tours, ha ha Ha! For Lent I decided to give up social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and just give my mind and soul a chance to purify itself by getting away from all the negativity. As explained in the video I want to take this opportunity to step back into reality and away from the perception that people give off, which often times is false. As far as the bedroom tour; I wanted to show you a piece of my world and the things I love: family, friends, pictures decorative pieces and how I like to spend my spare time. 90% of that time is spent decorating and customizing home interior. So take a look! Subscribe, comment and like my video and give me any feedback you may have. What do you think about giving up social media for 40 days?

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