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Stitch Fix Unboxing!

Welp, I’ve added another subscription box to my monthly packages and I wanted to share with you all my very first unboxing with Stitch Fix! This is my first time subscribing to a styling company, but so far, no regrets!

How It Works:

With Stitch Fix, you pay $20 monthly and your personal stylist will pic 5 items (whether it be a blouse, cardigan, pant, jewelry or shoes) and send them to you in this cute packaging! Once you receive the items, you can decide if you want to keep all 5 items, keep a few items or send them all back. Whatever you decide to keep, the $20 you’ve paid for the month is deducted from the price of the clothing. What’s even better; if you decide to keep all 5 items, not only do you get the $20 deduction, Stitch Fix also takes 25% off the total price! How awesome is that!!?

After opening the first box and seeing the cute pieces my stylist put together for me, I got super excited about expanding my wardrobe. I’ve always wanted to go outside the box with my style, but I’ve been afraid to pull it off. With the help of my stylist through Stitch Fix, I know they will set me up for success and that gives me all the confidence I need.

My first box showed a lot of potential. I am for sure going to purchase 3 of the 5 pieces. The best part is, they work with you on how long they give you to decide if you want to purchase the pieces or return them. The way my finances and my budget is setup, this is a big help!

Take a look at my video on the unboxing that I posted to YouTube, and take a look at the pics I snapped when trying on the garments! If you are interested in trying Stitch Fix for yourself, click on the link in the description box of my video to use my code. You won’t be disappointed!


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