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Stood Up! AGAIN!

Ya know, I would think that the older I get, the less this would be happening. But not so much. I’m so immune to the games men play that getting stood up is not even a surprise anymore. The thing that bothers me the most is when I get stood up by someone I actually have the interest of being around and when I get stood up for something I was reeeeealllly looking forward to. When you make plans and you psych yourself up for something AMAZING and the day gets closer and closer and you hear NOTHING from that other person; that really grinds my gears! It’s so inconsiderate and very cowardly to not just be upfront with me! What are they afraid of?

Here’s the thing: if you don’t think you have an intentions of following through with the plans you make, don’t make em!! It’s as simple as that! I thought I was done dealing with immature men back in my early 20’s, but apparently they will continue to be immature until they die. All I ask for is a little honesty, nothing more. But I guess it’s easier said then done.

The sad part is, when people treat me this way, I can easily write them off. It sounds bad, but what’s the point of continually being stood up when I deserve better? I don’t deserve to have my feelings shattered. A little piece of my heart falls to the ground each time; I can’t continue to pick up the pieces. It’s such a shame too because I have so much to offer these people. But I simply put my foot down this time! No more!! If you can’t be real and open with me and have integrity, I can’t have you in my life. It’s as simple as that. So, who’s the stood up one now?

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