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That One Time at Universal 

Dreams really do come true. Once Orange is The New Black came out, like the rest of the world, I was glued to the TV for a good two day binge. I fixated on the normal cast and the regular story lines until a new character was introduced, Stella. She was cute, she had an amazing accent and she was mysterious to me; where did she come from? The interest turned to obsession and like the rest of the female population, I was pretty sure I had just turned into a lesbian, without even knowing that she really was one in her normal life! And by her, I mean RUBY ROSE!

Now, usually when I’m obsessed with someone, I do my research. I learn as much as I can about them which makes me further obsessed. With this one, I fan-girled HARD! Every conversation was about her. The majority of my time was spent wondering where she would be making appearances. I wanted her as my birthday present. I wanted us to be best friends! It wasn’t until I went on her website that I found out she was a DJ. What doesn’t this chick do?! I started following all of her social media outlets and I couldn’t let a day pass without checking in on her–I know, this is really bad! But I loved her! She was perfection, damn-near flawless.

One night, while scouring her Twitter, I saw someone tweet her saying they knew she would be on ExtraTV (which is shot at Universal) and hoped to see her. UNIVERSAL? Like Universal City Walk that’s 20 minutes from me?! HELLO! I gotta be there. And damn skippy I was there! Luck was on my side. I hoped in the car with my roomies, hit the freeway and made our way there. As soon as we got there, we were front and center to all things Ruby. I drooled….she was fucking gorgeous! I got the chance to take a picture with her and touch her. My life was made. Almost 30-years old at this point and you would think I was a teeny-bopper about to faint over One Direction. It was sad, but my dreams came true! And I have pictures I will cherish for life. By the way, Ruby is the coolest, most down-to-earth and humble chick I have ever met. I had been obsessing over her for a few weeks and here she was in my face! What is life!? Life=Amazing!



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