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The BEST Chick Flicks….Of ALL TIME!

I love movies. I love movies A LOT! My favorite types of movies are the ones that make you believe in love and life. The ones that give you hope and inspire you. And for me, I especially love the movies that reassure me that true love does exist, and there is hope for all of us no matter what! I am also a huge fan of girl power movies and romantic comedies. But my absolute favorite movies are the sweet, romantic ones that make me feel all gooey inside and put a smile on my face, and even make me cry a little. I also like horror movies, but that’s a completely different list. Here is my list of what I think are the BEST chick flicks of all time; the movies that made my heart smile and made me aspire and dream of that fairy-tale ending. I’ll try to get through this list without tearing up. And I’ll try to get through it without the urge of wanting to leave work right now and watch every single one! I didn’t go into detail, typing descriptions for each one, because if you’ve seen the movie, no explanation is needed! The title alone will make you say, “OhMyGosh!! I LOVE that movie!” If you haven’t seen the movie maybe this list will give you the push needed to go check it out! Ladies, let me know if you agree with me. Ready, set…..GO:

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