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The “Stalker”

No one wants a needy guy. It’s one thing when they are sensitive, nurturing or caring. But there is a whole different level that usually women are guilty of and you typically don’t see this trait in too many men. I am of course referring to STALKING! Whether it be the literal term or the figurative term used for his actions and the way he talks to you or comes off. I have recently encountered a “stalker”.

Now, I’m


Don’t get me wrong, the attention is flattering, but its a bit too much and not the kind of attention I am really seeking to attract.

I don’t understand how someone so attractive can be so crazy! It’s usually the good-looking ones that have something wrong with them or a fault that helps you to realize why they have been single for so long. And this is by far a fault of his. It just boggles my mind because you would think that someone with an amazing personality and looks to boot wouldn’t need to be so aggressive. But I guess we all have little insecurities inside.  It kind of puts things into perspective…..

What have your encounters been with a “stalker”, if any? And how did you handle the situation? How should I handle mine?



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