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The “Stalker”

No one wants a needy guy. It’s one thing when they are sensitive, nurturing or caring. But there is a whole different level that usually women are guilty of and you typically don’t see this trait in too many men. I am of course referring to STALKING! Whether it be the literal term or the figurative term used for his actions and the way he talks to you or comes off. I have recently encountered a “stalker”.

Now, I’m

not exactly sure how this happened, what I did or said to make this person so infatuated, but the whole situation is just beginning to become annoying. Calling all hours of the night, showing up at my house, blowing up my phone through text or call, demanding that I see him. It is too much and quite honestly a complete turn-off. I was once interested in this guy. But after recent events, I am going to have to respectfully decline his new-found interest in me. Let me back track a bit….. I met this guy through a mutual friend. We hung out for a while, went out on a few dates and may or may not have hooked up. LOL. Not to stroke my own ego, but I’m pretty sure the infatuation may have escalated after the hook up, what can I say! 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, the attention is flattering, but its a bit too much and not the kind of attention I am really seeking to attract.

I don’t understand how someone so attractive can be so crazy! It’s usually the good-looking ones that have something wrong with them or a fault that helps you to realize why they have been single for so long. And this is by far a fault of his. It just boggles my mind because you would think that someone with an amazing personality and looks to boot wouldn’t need to be so aggressive. But I guess we all have little insecurities inside.  It kind of puts things into perspective…..

What have your encounters been with a “stalker”, if any? And how did you handle the situation? How should I handle mine?



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