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The Weirdest Thing

I’d like to think that I’m a great person to talk to when you need advice. A lot of people come to me and confide in me about an array of things. It always seems easier for me to preach and make them believe, than it is for me to practice what I preach. Although, I’m getting much better at taking my own advice. It was the weirdest thing today. Three different people at three random times came to me wanting to discuss a situation they were going through. I only found it weird because I realized that the advice I gave them was all the same…..”whatever you’re going through, there is a greater plan. Everything happens for a reason.” Now, I’m not sure if it was a coincidence or if this was God’s way of making me believe in what I was saying. Lately I’ve been wondering how certain things in my life will pan out. I always tell others that everything will work out and not to stress about it, but pray about it and I never really apply that to my own life. But as I was repeating this to the third and final person, a light bulb went off! I really need to believe my own self! I’m pretty darn good at giving advice and I sound pretty damn great when saying it! There is something bigger than all of us and God has a plan. Let him be in control.


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