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There Is Nothing Worse Than…..

Not being able to access your money! This weekend I was beyond furious! And I have no one to be mad at but myself. Some how, some way I managed to lose my wallet on Saturday, with EVERYTHING in it! Did I mention it had EVERYTHING in it?! Every credit card, my insurance card, my drivers license; not to mention other items that I can’t even recall! This is awful, so awful! I’m not even sure how it happened or if the way I think it happened is even legit. Here’s the story:

For the past 2 weeks I had been making plans to attend the LA Haunted Hayride. I got all of my friends onboard to go and even coordinated when we would purchase the tickets. The day comes and I knew I would be getting off work well before the time to make our trip to Griffith Park. Instead of going home after work, since my house is about 40-minutes in the opposite direction of where I needed to go, I decided to go to my Father’s house until we were ready to head over the event. After a 2-hour nap, I changed clothes and made my way down to my car so I could leave to meet my friends. I changed clothes and had a load of bags and shoes in my hands. I opened the door to the back seat and threw everything in. I grabbed my wallet, which happened to be in my work bag-it’s never in my work bag, I put my my credit card in my wallet and went about putting all of my other “junk” in my car, all the while setting my wallet on the hood of my car, or at least I think that’s what I did. Everything after that was a blur.

I got in the car, pulled out my Camel’s and jammed all the way to the meeting destination. Got there and everyone split off into the cars they would be riding in to get to the Hayride. I was in the car with my roommate and about 10 minutes into the car ride down the freeway, something told me to look in my purse. When I did, I realized something very important was missing… wallet. Naturally, I assumed I just left it in the car. Of course to my dismay, when we got back to my car, it wasn’t there. I immediately flashed back to placing it on top of my car and skirted out of the parking lot back to my dads house. I retraced my steps, looking at every nook and cranny in the road. I was praying the entire time that if it did in fact fall off my car, it did so in the parking garage at my dad’s house and I had some type of hope that someone was kind enough to pick it up and put it in the lost and found. Uhhhhhhh yeah. I’ve lost all hope in humanity. When I got back to the parking garage, it was nowhere to be found, which only means one of two things:

It fell off my car outside of the parking garage and any hopes of finding on the street was a lost cost.


Someone in fact did find it in the garage and didn’t turn it in.

So, not only did I miss the fucking Hayride and waste the $30 I paid for the stupid ticket, I now needed to cancel all my credit cards and PRAY that I didn’t forget about any of them and my money would be gone. #firstworldproblems.

I think I was more pissed that I had plans to go to Ikea the next day and rack up!!! Too bad banks are closed on Sunday and there was no way for me to touch my money….until today! What is life?! Needless to say, my weekend was horrible. And my attitude matched. I feel like I am starting all over….at least until I get my replacement cards in the mail. Oy Vey!



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