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Top 10 Summer Faves!

Summer 2017 has been great AMAZING for me, thus far. I’ve done some traveling, I’ve made some changes, I’ve moved and I’ve made great memories! All of which are memories I will hold on to for a lifetime. And guess what? The best part….summer still isn’t over! There’s at least another month of memories to be made, and I can’t wait!

While reminiscing over these memories, I got nostalgic when it came to the music I listened to over the summer, that boosted the good times to another level! There were tons of songs that debuted or played on the radio, however, there were only a handful that I HAD to hear over and over again. So, I thought it would be fun to name my top 10 favorite songs of the summer. There were definitely some headbangers to get us litty!! Listening to these songs take me back to some pretty awesome times, so I had to share. What were your favorites this summer?


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