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Top 9 Reasons I’ll Miss Summer

Summer is easily my favorite season, for so many reasons. I get so amped when the year gets closer to the warmer months. Being that it is August and summer will soon end, I wanted to list all the reasons that this will suck for me. And yes, I was lazy and couldn’t think of 1 more, so you’re only getting 9 reasons:

1. Late Nights:

In the summer months, I looooove that the sun goes down close to 9PM. Pretty soon the sun will be going down earlier and I will feel like crap getting home from work at 5PM and it looks like 10PM outside. Talk about feeling like an old lady going to bed early.

2. Hot Beach Days:

Waaahhhhh! Living in California, I can go to the beach whenever I want. But in the fall, there are some days where it’s too cool to get in the water. And with the sun going down earlier, you don’t get as much tan time or fun in the sun. I like when the beach is crowded and you can hear the kids playing, the people laughing and the waves crashing. The beach is not the same once summer is over.

3. Movies In The Park:

Ugh! No more sitting in the park, on a blanket, eating popcorn, watching all the oldies and having a good time with friends. Why can’t this be a year-round thing? Oh yeah, it gets too cold outside for that….

4. Hiking & Biking:

I know some may think hiking in the summer is crazy. And it is! But only when you go during the hottest time of the day. Hiking durning the summer gives you the chance to see all the flowers in full bloom and the views from the top of the mountains and hills are unreal! Not to mention the waterfalls, which will actually have water and NOT be dried out! And again, you can hike at 7 in the evening and it’s still light outside. AND…. Biking from Santa Monica to Venice is amazing in the summer. It’s another great exercise and there are so many people rollerblading and riding bikes as well that you feel like you’re in a true Cali movie.


The main reason I absolutely adore the summertime is because my birthday falls smack-dab in the middle of summer! This gives me the perfect opportunity to choose between tons of activities for celebration! Once July has moved on, I could care less about the rest of the year 🙂

6. Wine Tasting!:

Summer is the perfect opportunity to take a limo trip with your best girlfriends and sip on some of the best wines local California vineyards have to offer. You can make it a day with wine tasting and a light lunch. Also, you can get creative with cute sundresses and fancy hates. Plus, wine is soooooo yummy.

7. Enjoying Outdoor Concerts:

What other time of the year can you chill-out at the Hollywood Bowl, have a picnic and listen to your favorite music?….technically anytime. BUT, you can’t guarantee awesome weather. AND, during the summer is when they have all of the amazing events. No comparison.

8. Did Someone Say BBQ?!:

Who the hell doesn’t love a good barbecue? I can smell the grill as I’m typing this! No matter whose BBQ it is, this is the perfect time for friends and loved ones to get together and shoot the shit. The past few summers I’ve crashed BBQs of people I didn’t even know. And guess what? It didn’t matter! Barbecues are usually about a sense of togetherness, everyone is chill. Some good food, a few brews, great conversation and some drinking games and you have the perfect summer BBQ! My favorite part of a BBQ is the fancy fruit dishes people come up with. It’s amazing how many balls, hearts and other shapes watermelon can be cut into.



This is my absolute, without a doubt, favorite thing to do in the summer! I love driving up the coast with my closest friends and taking in all of the sights. Being able to explore different parts of the state or exploring multiple states is such a thrill. One day I’ll drive across country. That’s definitely on the Bucketlist. It interests me so much to see the diverse culture across this amazing country.

Now, even though I will miss summer and I’ve made this list, one thing I am excited about with summers end quickly approaching is……kids go back to school!!! Next week can’t come fast enough! I love my child but Lord Jesus, be a vessel! He has been working my last nerve. Can school be all year long please?

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