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Ugly Sweater Christmas Party!

I’ve always heard people talk about these ugly sweater Christmas parties and obsess about them, but I have never really attended one. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I could never seem to find a sweater that exemplified that right amount of “ugly”! I know I could go to the thrift store to get one, or get creative and make one, but there is something about thrift stores that makes my skin crawl and I am just not creative and crafty enough to make my own damn sweater. Luckily for me, ugly sweater parties are becoming more popular and I was able to head over to Walmart and pick up a preeeeeeety ugly sweater for only $9!! That’s a deal to me for a sweater I probably won’t wear too often.

Saturday I went to an ugly sweater Christmas party and it was preeeeetty damn ugly. I have never seen such hideous things! While very hideous, a lot of them were very creative with their slogans or sayings. Like: Fleece Navidad, Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal, Ho Ho Homo, Santa Said Sit on His Lap!, ….it was all too much. The more crazy sweaters I saw, the more I had to drink! And my drink of choice was a pomegranate margarita! Now, I’m not really a fan of pomegranate, but I am a fan of tequila, so I was chugging away. In fact, at one point I’m pretty sure I was double-fisting; beer in one hand and margarita in the other. But what’s an ugly sweater Christmas party without double-fisting? A shit-show! Needless to say, I enjoyed every minute of those drinks. It certainly made me more festive. I think I could definitely make this a tradition. There was also of game of beer pong going on and my poor son learning how to play corn hole. It was a pretty fun night with some pretty great people. It was a bit cold outside, colder than normal for a Cali Christmas, but that didn’t stop us from having a blast! Anywho….enough talking, take a look at the pics we took from the festivities!



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