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Update: Dating Apps 

Last week I wrote a post about trying out some new dating apps, as suggested by a coworker. After being on for a week, I’m surprised I’m still keeping up with this charade. It has definitely been an interesting week and I have definitely met some interesting characters!

As expected, most people I come across are just looking for a hook-up. Sooooooo not what I’m interested in. I can get that on my own. I have never received so many unexpected and unwanted dick pics or videos in my life! I think I’ve seen enough to last a lifetime. These men have no shame! The only reason I’ve been entertaining it this long is because it’s funny, and because it’s just that…ENTERTAINING! The pickup lines these guys use are hilarious!: “was that an earthquake or did you just rock my world?” or “is your name Bluetooth? Cause I’m really feeling a connection here”. LOL! The intent is cute, but come on, seriously?! And people are so demanding! Asking for this and that and wanting all your time, not giving you the opportunity to respond or getting impatient. My phone has never blown up more. It’s so crazy what a few cute pictures and a sassy bio can do.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met some really cool people too. There have been a few guys, and gals, who have started genuine conversations and didn’t introduce themselves with, “wanna have sex?” Ummmm, no thanks. If half these guys knew I slept with a mouth guard, they’d think twice! But the people I’ve met who are interested in more than just sex, I’ve had great conversations with. These are people I could honestly see myself hanging out with, outside of these apps. I haven’t come acros anyone who has really caught my eye to be a potential love interest, so I’m just going to continue browsing and meeting friends for now.

I honestly don’t know how people meet their significant others on these dating apps. They must be on where people are paying to find love. I feel like individuals who invest money into their love lives are a little more serious and have different intentions and better manners; it weeds out the creepers. And although I haven’t had a horrible experience this past week, I did come across one guy who was super rude and said he wanted to call me names in bed. Some very disrespectful and derogatory names that I won’t even repeat because I refuse to give him that power. But aside from that, I’ll stick around for another week or so to see what I can find, until I get bored per usual. As always, I’ll keep you updated! Continue to wish me luck! (You may even need to pray for me 😧).

💋 TJ

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