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What’s Your Work Day Looking Like?

It’s pretty slow here today at work and I thought, what better way to interact with other bloggers than to find out what their typical work day is like?! For me, I usually work 12-hour days, traveling between locations. Some locations being busier than others, but for the most part, I’ve always got a shit-load of work to do. Can anyone else relate to that? Let me back up a bit. I just realized that unless you’ve watched my YouTube channel, you probably have no idea where I work or what I do. So…. I am currently the Business Manager for 3 Massage Envy Spa franchised locations here in Southern California. We are one of the biggest chains for Massage and Skin Care needs with over 1000 locations in the nation. A lot of other spas have tried to copy our membership model, but have not been as successful as Massage Envy Spa. I travel between our 3 locations making sure everything is being followed by protocol and to oversee the clinics, assisting in any way I can. Most days I work 2 clinics in 1 day. It’s fun for me to make sure that we are all running on one accord, but at the same time, the long days can get tiring. Most weeks I only have 1-day off, other days, I try to finagle another day off somewhere in the mix. For the most part I always fail at that. Today I’m busy working on the schedule for our Front Desk Staff at all locations. It’s hard to figure out people’s lives for 3 different locations! But somehow, I manage to make it work. I absolutely love what I do and to be honest, I thrive off the hectic schedule. I don’t think I could work or be somewhere that wasn’t face-paced. To me, it seems like a slow work day would make the time inch by like a snail and make my day/life miserable.   What’s your work day looking like? What do you do on a daily basis? Comment!! Let me know!!

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